This may be your first child, or baby number two (or three or four) is on the way.  It’s an exciting time but also full of challenges. I want to help during this new family adventure; making day-to-day easier for you and your family by offering more than just an extra set of hands.

My name is Christine and I am a Postpartum Doula, offering exceptional newborn care support, healing Ayurvedic meal preparation, breastfeeding support and more.  All for you  - the new mom! 


In as little as 4 hours of support or as much as you need during this fourth trimester, you will begin to heal and embrace your new role as a mother.


I will encourage you to parent in a way that best works for you, offering referrals to other professionals if needed, and helpful neighbourhood resources too.


As a new mom, you need to be just that - a new mom. Give in to those moments of being in la-la land as you fall in love with your new baby.


I can offer you strategies that work for you and your family to just tackle one thing at a time - like getting some sleep!

Some new parents need support, advice, and resources. Yet others choose to wing it and find their parenting-way, along the way.  


Either way, you will be amazing parents!


So with oodles of patience, years of parenting and early childhood education experience, I am offering my services as your Postpartum Doula, for as little as 4 hours, or a full day.


I would be honoured to support you and your family, during this sacred and special time.

Did you know?

A Postpartum Doula Package makes a great baby shower gift. If you know a mom or a family that would benefit from fourth-trimester support services, please contact Christine Duarte.

Christine Duarte serves Toronto and surrounding areas. 
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