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     If you haven't already realized it yet, you will very, very soon, that it won't exactly be the new addition to the family, but the items that go with your little one, that will start to fill up every corner, counter and closet space in your home.  Perhaps you have had the baby shower or upcoming shower and those adorable gifts will start arriving.  You may have an idea of how the nursery will be set up; the arrangement of the crib, change table, laundry bin, and of course toys will soon fill up your space.  This will be a very eye-opening, excitable time, as you realize your baby is actually going to be occupying not just your heart space, but have a wee little nest to settle into very soon. This is where I can help.





I've supported many families and helped arrange many baby spaces, and with this comes my experience with some of the best-reviewed baby products, by none other than the new moms (and babies too!).  I've put together this helpful list (links attached to easily do your shopping) of these favourite items, from bottle sterilizers to white-noise machines to educational toys etc.


     Happy are those moms that can easily purchase (via Amazon) well-loved, mom-approved and doula approved too, all things baby!  Make yourself a cup of your favourite drink and happy shopping.

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