Client Testimonials

Newborn Baby

"Thank you so very much for the loving, kind and exceptional care that you have provided Grace for the past several weeks.  Your knowledge and skill with newborns are evident but what was especially wonderful was your willingness to share tips and help educate me not just at this stage, but in preparing Grace for the next milestones".   

Claudia B.


"Words cannot describe how thankful we are to have had you in our lives these past few months.  You have brought so much love, kindness, patience, and warmth into our home and have really become a part of our little family.  Thank you for being such a special soul and such a gift in our lives."

Gaby and David

Baby Crawling

"I honestly cannot express how grateful we are for all of the guidance, support and care you have given Noah and me throughout these months.  When you first came, I was so exhausted and overwhelmed, and felt like I had nobody to teach me how to care/entertain Noah.  I have learned so much from you, and now feel so much more confident in my mothering.  You have been such a blessing for our family and we are truly so heartbroken to see you go.   Thank you for everything."

Laura and Ariel

Baby's Clutch

"Christine is a superb doula. She cares so much and goes above and beyond to ensure not only that our baby is well-fed, well-rested and happy, but also that she is hitting her developmental milestones and learning new things each week. She also takes incredible care of the parents. She baked us the most magical lactation cookies and banana bread and is just a joy to have around. She's clean, reliable and knows so incredibly much about babies and their care. I would work with her again in a heartbeat, and we will miss her so much! We moved away from Toronto otherwise we would have worked with her for years I think!!!"

Josephine D.

Wooden Cars

"Thanks, Christine for being such a huge part of our lives and I know that saying goodbye will be very difficult - you've been so instrumental in our lives after Julien arrived. I don't know if I can find a way to adequately thank you for helping me with my babies.  You are a partner in this family - showing love and compassion to Julien and Annique and you bring a positive and zen energy that keeps our household running smoothly.  All of us are so lucky to have shared such a special time of our lives with you, we'll all miss you, "Steen", and we'll never forget you.  We hope we continue to hear from you about your adventures, your business, and your family."

Nancy and Jeff

Baby's Hand

"Christine was such a blessing as I had found myself feeling helpless trying to care for a newborn colicky baby and a 3 year old. She was helpful and suggestive, without being pushy or judgmental. Once we found a routine and schedule that worked for us, she gladly followed it without hesitation. She gave my 3 year old the attention she needed and introduced new ways for her to get involved with our newborn daughter that made her feel included and helpful. It allowed me the time to care for myself, while also providing both of our children the time and care that they deserved. I am thankful to Christine to help us at a time when I needed help the most!"

Kristin S.